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Breed Observations:  In the past we've had Delaware's (they weren't as cold hardy & dominated other breeds), Speckled Sussex (they were more aggressive than the other breeds too, but we may have them again in a separate area from the cochins),  Rhode Island Reds (very aggressive birds towards humans & other livestock), Partridge Chanteclers (these matured rather slowly and were cannibalistic towards each other, and killed their young- maybe the breeding line was bad, but not the kind of behavior we want on our farm.  Tony called them the Raptors) and Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. We've also had silkie bantams and would be happy to have them again.
white cochin
Bluebell the Cochin
Bluebell the taxi
 Nod with chicks

Nimbus the rooster and teenager chicks

Shep the Cochin Rooster
Huckleberry and Wynken.  Huckleberry is from Blueberry who was from Herald.
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Sheep- Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep.  We currently have 3 sheep, Lizzy Lollipop, Lunaberry Lemondrop & Tryndel.  Lunaberry was born at our farm March 31, 2018 to Lizzy Lollipop.  Tryndel is dual registered with NABBSAR and Olde English.
We are so glad to have these 3 ewes as lawnmowers on the farm & we use their wool for products in our Etsy shop: Nookamajigs

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Poultry: Chickens- Cochins (Livestock Conservancy list- watch)  Good foster mothers & brooders, gentle. Brown eggs.  Cochins are so gentle & mild natured- and a hoot to watch with their feathered legs.  We currently maintain one flock. We'd been working on a Lemon blue line for about eight years but are having to start over with new roosters. This is our standard size line.
We also have a few Cochin bantams & we're hoping to get banty eggs from them. 
Tryndel and Lunaberry on the hill by goldenrod at In the Nook Farm
Tryndel the ewe-nicorn
Lizzy Lollipop with her twins Lunaberry Lemondrop and Barely Blue Licorice Hugh.  The twins were born on the eve of the blue moon March 31, 2018.
Tryndel with a wreath
Tryndel and Lunaberry
Ducks- Blue Swedish (Livestock Conservancy list- watch)  Dual purpose for meat & eggs, docile temperament. White or Green/Blue tinted eggs. We have had this breed in the past and they are a hoot!  We look forward to our current flock maturing and getting delicious eggs.