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the bridge over the river & into our nook

in the nook farm
proprietors Tony & Aine Slabaugh
Along the way, we've been asked about some of our building projects.  In the photo descriptions, there are more details.

Chicken ark made with wood and chicken wire at first. Note: chicken wire DOES NOT stand up to predator teeth.  Use hardware cloth. A frame with roosting pole, sides flap open to collect eggs.  This is no longer in service but worked well.
Poulet Chalet located in the garden.  A log building with windows that open on each end.  This structure is in the process of being repurposed as a garden getaway.  For the time being, it's hay storage.
Garden getaway with Darkest Night by Valspar
Garden Getaway in the West Virginia morning mist
little coop in the garden, currently without residents

Apple snug made from pallets with a pallet door. Currently under construction to get a higher roof.  This time a green/living roof
Apple Snug for sheep made out of pallets with a metal roof & gutter to collect rainwater for watering sheep.
Apple snug is getting a higher roof- woohoo!  No more bonked heads! Can't wait to get the living roof on. This will be the winter house for the sheep as the heated water & access will be easier in the cold (it makes me shiver just thinking about it...)
Green roof on the apple snug will blend with the landscape and collect rainwater via a gutter that drains to livestock waterer.
chicken coop by the apple snug.  It's helpful to have electric for heat lamps and waterers for winter in 1 location.  Also, it makes feeding more efficient in the cold.
backside of coop- really there are chickens, the sheep just like having their pictures taken too

Bramble Snug completed. The roof is metal and sloped to collect rainwater in the gutter that goes into the watering trough.  Definitely recommend you make structures high enough to stand in.
log cabin
earth bermed sawmill/barn. under construction
under construction- sawmill/barn
under construction- sawmill/barn
Wee Cottage and storage buildings.  More of the cottage progression in other thumbnails below.
Coops, Snugs & Other Buildings- The apple snug is getting a new roof- lesson learned, make the ceilings people height so no heads get bonked.  We're super excited that it's now going to have a green/living roof which will still collect water for the livestock to drink.  The earth bermed barn/sawmill area is also coming along. The Poulet Chalet is getting a new use- a garden retreat when we've been hard at work.  Another change to the farm has come in the way of paint, called Darkest Night by Valspar.  Most of the outdoor structures have been updated with this color for a more unified look.
Log Cabin- we invited our parents to build on the farm and one of the families decided to join us in West Virginia.  They have created a lovely cabin overlooking the river.
Wee Cottage- Our home started out as a garage which we converted into a small cottage.  A non-moving tiny house (before they were so popular).  In time, more space was needed, especially when one of us had a cold, or we had visitors.  We're convinced that small living is fantastic, just not that small!  Our cottage went from about 300 sq. about 750 sq.ft.  We still hope to build another cottage up the hill- in the nook.
Greenhouse- construction began in Autumn of 2020 & is underway in winter 2021- gotta get the plants a heated house (and hopefully a little aquaponics started again).

Our cottage before construction was a small garage approximately 14x 21'.  We gutted everything, leaving studs and the roof so we could insulate and turn it in a house.

We kept the roof, but the stripped the walls open to add insulation, etc. Quickly we realized a mudroom was essential, as well as a laundry room.

What a difference the mudroom has made!  Juggling groceries, doggies on leashes, a place to keep chickens (?!)... and muddy boots!
living area, pullout couch for guests-2006 separated from bedroom area with fabric.  Tight quarters...
living area-2006 separated from bedroom area with curtains; couch was a pullout for guests- tight quarters!
kitchen area- 2006
kitchen 2006
bedroom area- 2006 separated from living area with curtains
Construction of the addition which includes a downstairs master bedroom and bath and upstairs loft for guests and office/art area.  In each of the projects we've done, we always try to incorporate at least one stained glass window.
master bedroom
loft with guest area and small office/craft space
living area currently
living area currently
We have projects currently under construction: an earth berm barn/saw mill area and an aquapini, which will be an underground aquaponics and greenhouse area, though at the moment it's a big hole in the ground.  There are 2 buildings across the river to rehab and plans for a workshop/family pavilion. One thing we've learned, it's great to have goals to work towards.

This website designed by Aine Slabaugh, 2006-2020.  If you have questions, or are interested  in having a site developed, please contact me.