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We are so excited to have our Havanese.  Havanese are great family dogs and are good for people with allergies, as they have a non-shedding coat. Havanese originated in Cuba in the 19th century, and first came to the United States in the 1960's and was recognized by the AKC in 1996. The AKC mentions this about the Havanese breed: " The Havanese is trainable and intelligent and possesses a naturally affectionate temperament, which making the breed an ideal family pet. Although a toy dog, they remain energetic and require some form of daily exercise. The breed's non-shedding coat makes it suitable for allergy sufferers, but regular grooming is necessary to keep the coat in top condition. "  There is more information from the AKC about the Havanese Breed.  

We are proud to introduce AKC registered Sweet Avonlea Faeye, born February 18, 2012.  Avonlea is a parti-colored Havanese, having black and white markings.  Her pedigree includes Champion bloodlines with some of her ancestry from Hungary.  Her litter was born June 9, 2014, with 3 puppies.  We kept a girl, Sweet Afton Maillette.  Mae is a red sable parti and looks alot like her sire. She is a sweet girl with a big personality! Maillette's namesake is a lavender variety that we grow on the farm, known for it's high quality essential oil.  We produce hydrosols, teas & craft items with the lavender grown- check out our Etsy shop: Nookamajigs
Avonlea and peonies
Avonlea siffing peonies, 12 weeks, May 19, 2012
Braewyn and Avonlea, May 19, 2012
Fun in the snow!!
Each spring, a picture with the cherry blossoms
Avonlea and the daffodils, April 2014
New haircut for summertime.
Avonlea in her summer cut, May 2014
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